MerMara's Journal

And Her Attempts to Write

13 January 1992
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Once again, I have been convinced by elphie_fabala to create an account somewhere--although this time, for a blog. But I guess it's cool, 'cause I love to journal. I've kept a diary since age 6, although lately they're mostly filled with short stories, novels, short plays, tons of poems...
So I guess here is where I will continue my tradition of keeping a diary, but in a new format.
So, some information about me...hmm. Well, I guess saying that I love to laugh, read (good) fanfiction, attempt to write fanfiction, do pilates, and listen to the musical Rent can really sum me up. The word I see WAY too often on my progress reports is "enthusiasm," I have two younger brothers, I wish my hair were longer, I bite my nails when I'm nervous, I always always always wear a watch, I'm much better at math than some think I am, and I'm set on playing the chorus member who wears the fuzzy pink bra in the musical Rent. There ya go, Mara summed up in a paragraph!